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8 Weeks Management Consulting Program (Remote)

8 Weeks Management Consulting Program (Remote)

Grants is yet another opportunity to build capacity also a sign of growth. The 8 Weeks Management Consulting Program will be explained guide by guide so as to make sure that our users have access to full value and benefits.

8 Weeks Management Consulting Program (Remote)

Country: Online

Employment Type: Intern

Contract Length: 1-3 Months

Compensation: Unpaid

Non Profit: No

Industry: Business Engineering Finance International Business Startups

Job Qualifications

Job Benefits

In 8 weeks, you will be able to increase your self-assurance as a junior consultant.

Job Description

Program highlights;

1) Engage in genuine commercial endeavors

2) Receive supervision from a seasoned consultant

3) Increase business savvy

4) A spot on the program is assured

5) To mention a few, you can find members of our alumni in IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, Google, and PwC.


a broad skill set with the instruments and expertise required for management consulting

After the orientation, you’ll be put into teams to work on actual consulting tasks. As a Junior Consultant, some of your duties will be conducting market research, gathering data, developing solutions, creating strategy reports, and presenting your findings to senior decision makers.

Develop your global network, meet industry leaders, and become more commercially aware.

8 Weeks Management Consulting Program 

Throughout the eight-week program, we provide a variety of sectoral seminars, educational debates, and skills workshops with a variety of international corporations and well-known organizations to maximize your professional growth and development and boost your industry-specific learning.


You will acquire important transferrable abilities throughout the course of the program that you can highlight on your resume, including;

– Leadership
– Problem soving
– Analytical reasoning
– Critical thinking
– Adaptability
– Teamwork
– Communicatioin
– Project management
– Relationship building

Sector you could work with:
– Clean energy
– Logistics and storage
– Technology
– AR
– Biomedical
– Research & Development

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Who we work with:

We have tight relationships with a wide range of clients.

We offer strategic counsel where it may have the biggest an impact, whether it be to start-ups or big multinational corporations in a number of important management consulting sectors. When creating and putting into practice sustainable solutions for our clients, we rely on three fundamental strategies.

Summary of your role as a junior consultant:

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